Evaluation of Menorca Breeding Stock in foreign countries 2022

New announcement of evaluation of reproducers, with 3 or more years old, in foreign countries.  To request the evaluation of your reproducer, you have to know:

  1. Place for the request: Breeders Association (by postal mail or email).
  2. Previous payment: to reserve the evaluation, you have to make a previous payment of 170€ if you are membership of our Association or 190€ if you are not membership, in the bank account: IBAN: ES37 2100 0686 34 0200205992 / SWIFT: CAIXESBBXXX. This payment is not refundable, if the animal is not evaluated in this convocatory.
  3. Deadline for the request and previous payment: July/15.
  4. Approximate date: beginning of September (the date will be concreted depending on the number of requests and the availability of the Commission of Evaluation).
  5. Documentation:
  • Request for the evaluation (fill in the data of your stud at the beginning, select the option “valoración de reproductor” and indicate the information of your animal/s in section D).
  • Copy of the previous payment.
  • Copy of the passport (pages with the information about complete pedigree, microchip, UELN and graphical identification).
  • Description of the place where the animal is located, using the following table for the location of the stud. We will try to concentrate the animals in different places for each country in order to facilitate the work of the Commission of Evaluation (see final document at the end of this news).
  1. As soon as we know the number of requests in your area, we will contact you by email in order to inform about:
    • How to finalize the payment of the request and bank account
    • Final place, date and hour for the evaluation

The final price of the evaluation of your animal can vary by the number of animals to be evaluated and their location in the country.

  1. Because of sanitary reasons:
  • We need to concentrate animals in the least number of studs to avoid unnecessary displacements, minimizing risk for you and the Commission.
  • The Association reserves the right to modify the dates proposed for the evaluation according to the sanitary conditions in the moment of the evaluation.

Complete information and declaration of location:

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