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“The Breeders and Owners Association of Menorca Horses is the management committee of the Official Stud-Book of the Purebred Menorca Horse.”

According to the RD 2129/2008 of December 26, that sets up the National Program of  Conservation and Improvement of Breeds, the Stud-Book is any book, file, register or computer system managed by a Breeders Association officially recognised or by an official service, in which animals of a certain breed are signed or registered, mentioning their ancestors and that is an essential tool for the correct development of the Breeding Programs.

Since the 1st of January 2008, the Breeders and Owners Association of Menorca Horses is the management committee of the Official Stud-Book of the Purebred Menorca Horse. It was by the Resolution of 18th December 2007 by the old Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food of the State Stockbreeding Office.

This Breeders Association has taken up the duties that were developed by the operation  fund of the horse breeding and cavalry horses services, depending on the Defence Ministry, in the area of the official Stud-Book and of the Breeding Program of the Breed.

The committee of management of the Stud-Book of the Purebred Menorca  Horse is the organisation responsible for authenticating the Equine Identification Documents (DIE) of the  Purebred Menorca animals all over the world. Because of this, and even though the central office is in Ciutadella de Menorca, this entity has a management program of the online services specially designed for the breed, a list of qualified vets among different countries and a communication network with the breeders through the internet and post, according the needs of each moment.

In order to transact the services related to the Stud-Book, it is necessary to send the documentation to the Breeders Association together with the receipt of the payment. The documentation varies depending on the service requested. For detailed information of the different services offered look at the paperwork heading.

Moreover, to get more information about the breed, the official census declared every year, the zootechnic valid rules, etc. visit the web page of the ARCA depending of the Ministry of  Agriculture, Food and Environment.

In order to carry out the technical activities related to the Stud Book, the following companies have been subcontracted:


General Stud Book

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