Our Association

“The aim of the Breeders’ Association is to preserve, improve and promote the Purebred Menorca Horse”


  • President: Cristóbal Marqués Benejam
  • Vice-President: Juan Carlos Camps Sans
  • Secretary: Josep Sintes Sintes
  • Treasurer: David Salord Gener
  • Other members of the Board:
    • Dionisio Pons Capella
    • Eusebio Enrich Martí
    • Armando Pons Payeras
    • Miquel Àngel Marqués Benejam
    • Mª Auxiliadora Torres Salord
    • David Miquel Pons Barceló
    • Álvaro Caules Mascaró

The Breeders and Owners Association of Menorca Horse was founded in August 1988 as an autonomous region association. Its purpose is to preserve, improve and promote the Purebred Menorca Horse. In 2006 it was recognised nationally by the General Direction of Animal Production.Autora_Ekaterina Pustoshnaia

It currently boasts more than 400 members (supporters and stockbreeders), mainly residents on the island of Minorca, but also from all over Spain and from European countries such as France, Italy, Holland and Germany, among others.

As the articles say, the Horse Breeders’ Association has been working mainly to promote and spread word about the thoroughbred Menorca Horse at regional, national and international level. Since 2007 it has assumed an important role related to the management of its Conservation and Selection Program and has officially managed the breed’s stud-book since the beginnings of 2008.

Furthermore, the Association organises and carries out activities all year long (competitions, training courses, publishing of breeding male catalogues, promoting in magazines at the national level, attending fairs and other events, printing advertising leaflets, collaborating in the organization of technical studies about the breed, etc.) that bring about a greater knowledge and appreciation of this breed by those interested in this sector, and an indirect promotion of the island of Minorca and its activities, traditions, and customs related to the equine sector (popular celebrations, tourism and equestrian routes, Camí de Cavalls Horse Trail, etc.) that reinforce the importance of the horse in our island which is recognised as Reserva de la Biosfera since 1993.

Our members benefit from these types of activities by receiving information at home by post or e-mail and by means of discounts applied to each activity’s registration rates.


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General Stud Book

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