Mendeleo SL, youngest breeding stud

IMG_0705The Mendeleo SL stud, owned by Sebastian Löwinger and Lizz Handschmann, is the youngest breeding stud in 2022. Its breeding objective is focused on maintaining important old genetic lines of the Breed, while making a selection in favor of good movements and limb stance, in order to breed multifunctional horses for the leisure market.

The owners affirm that the Pura Raza Menorquina, once they gain confidence, give you everything. For this reason, they chose this Breed for their project, as well as its honest, brave, robust and humble character, combined with its beauty, its black coat and its athletic physique.

Regarding the animals they breed, they both highlight their good gaits and good hindquarters, in addition to their noble, courageous and docile character, thanks to the handling they are given since the day they are born, which enhances both contact with people and their social life in the herd. This favours both their physical development (because of their raising in liberty) and their good temperament and attitude (trustful and humble in their relationships with people).

DSC09400When selecting the sires, Lizz values ​​the animals from the bottom up, taking into account first of the limb stance (essential to guarantee the improvement in each generation), and then the absence of defects is sought or the selection of horses that can improve certain characteristics of their mares. Later, the focus goes to a more racial selection and athletic physique. But right now, the most important thing for them is good limb stance, a good coat and a clear mind, in addition to controlling the consanguinity of their products, which in no case should exceed 6%.




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