Nonte, Elite Stallion

nonte potroThe elite stallion Nonte was bred at Juan José Fuxa Riera Stud and at the present it is owned by the family Marqués Triay. It was borned in the farm Vila Nova de Fornells in the 2000. This specimen is the product of the dream of Joan Marqués Pelegrí, its current owner, of matting the mare Lindana with the stallion Dubin, owned by Son Sintes, with the aim of recovering the genetic horse line that his father had at the farm where he grew up, Moru de Ses Paisses.

According to its current owner, Nonte stands out mainly due to the quality of his daughters, who have won several morphological contests and have proved a great capacity to transmit a good genetic charge, improving mostly the regions of the former quarter, especially head and neck. Its offspring stand out due to its easiness to learn and work, as well as its gaits elegance, being suitable both for dressage and patron fiestas in the island.

familiaA proof of it is that Nonte highlighted at the Morphological Contest of the Breed since 2002, when it won the award of Best Foal, and it has been the Breed Championship in 2004 and 2006 and Sub Championship in 2007. Furthermore, its offspring Binifaell has stood out 7 times during the last 10 years in the Functional Ranking of Best Horse of the Menorca Breed in base to its functional efficiency for the Classic Dressage and Menorca Dressage disciplines.

A total of 9 of its offspring have obtained a genetic category within the official Selection Program of the Breed, according to genetic terms: 4 Young Recommended Breeding Stock for Classical Dressage (1), Menorca Dressage (3) and Functional Conformation and Basic Movements (1) and 5 Enhancer Breeding Stock for the Functional Conformation and Basic Movements. As well as, Nonte has obtained the genetic category of Enhancer Breeding Stock for Menorca Dressage and Functional Conformation and Basic Movements for several years, being the first Elite Breeding Stock recognised for this Breed in 2019.

To sum up, we can say Nonte was the dream and interest of its current owner to recover an old line of the Menorca Breed. And it has improved genetically the current population, within a total of 113 offspring registered in the official Studbook.



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